EmpathyBroker was founded in 2012 to help eCommerce stores provide a more joyful search and navigation experience, one that pairs great technology, functionality and features with customer inspiration, emotions and empathy.

We’ve grown organically, not through rounds of investment, and, while we’ve always been profitable, as an independent company, we’re not driven by quarterly results. Our focus and goal is to produce, and help our customers produce, great products and experiences.

Today we are the only provider with an end-to-end solution that enhances existing search platforms, offers the best SaaS search and navigation technology, creates actionable insights based on data visualizations, and delivers a custom service offering irresistible, ready-made components and micro-services to enhance and optimise existing search platforms.

And what’s more, as an independent company we have the freedom to create and deliver more innovative, exciting and creative solutions. And, that also means we attract some of the brightest and most skilled minds to our team, people who are driven by a desire to be challenged, to grow and to innovate.