Synonyms: The good, the bad & the ugly

Synonyms: The good, the bad & the ugly

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– Synonyms? Do you mean similar meanings? Easy. I can go to Wordreference and that’s it! –

Ha! Big mistake when your synonyms are going to affect the results page of your search engine.

There are so many exceptions as words in the dictionary. The factors that can determine your synonyms are your business industry, your products, your market, your target…

One more time, we’re going to talk about fashion examples and, although we can enumerate so many cases, we can easily categorize them in 3 big ‘roles’:

If you are not working for specific nationalities, this point is very interesting for your business; if you are using the same English copywriting for your worldwide market it’s very important to synonymize the products or categories which are called diferent depending on each country.
Example: trousers = pants

‘The Bad’ synonym can be “Good” at the beginning or can be “Good” in a short term. This is very dangerous if you’re not going to check frequently your synonyms list.

For example, last season the word ‘CULOTTE’ became fashionable. In this case, it refered to a ‘wide capri pant’ or ‘long-wide bermuda’. But CULOTTE is also commonly used to refer to a kind of panties. So be careful and make 2 synonyms lists: a permanent list (with GOOD synonyms) and a temporary list (with trending keywords).




This point is really subjective depending on the brand communication tone. Maybe you prefer one word (skinny pants) than another one (slim pants) but probably you’ll never use THE UGLY one (fag pants). It normally refers to slang or old-fashioned vocabulary. However, it is possible users will search by some UGLY words because they become fashionable… Are you ready to sound a little bit slummy?

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