Spring trends

Spring trends


With the newly opened spring time the new fashion colections pop out and start to show on the stores. At this point of time your brand will be already more than prepared with products that fit the trends for this year. But now, the question is whether your searcher is ready.

Besides the technical o trendy name that a certain garment may have assigned, there are several ways in which users can name it. This means that a simple “jean” can be searched also as “denim trousers” or “denim pants“.

If you already have EmpathyBroker’s technology embedded in your ecommerce you will also know that from the main control panel you can make a follow up of the most popular searches made on your site and at the same time check which are the main words that your users are searching. Moreover, thanks to the “Synonymize” functionality you can also manage yourself the synonyms‘ list and separate per country and language. Nonetheless, you may not always be interested in creating an extended list of synonyms as these may affect other kind of searches. To that end, you have another functionality (Boost) in which you will be able to assign an expression or word to given products you may want to tag specifically.

You need new ideas? Here you have a some for this spring season:


Crochet= guipure
Ethnic= folk, boho
Mesh= pointelle
Flare= bell, elephant

About Colbenson-EmpathyBroker
“Colbenson has over 10 years of Information Retrieval and Findability Experience across a variety of industries such as Fashion, Food, Entertainment, Banking, Government and Computer related. In 2009 Colbenson created EmpathyBroker; the most innovative and effective Internal Site Search and Navigation cloud based platform in the market that today powers over 60 cloud based installs both for large Wordlwide stores such as Mango.com, Zara.com or Adoreme.com operating on virtually any language as well as a rapidly number of SMEs such as Lavinia.fr, Expirit.com, Hoalen.com or meteorelectrical.com. Colbenson is a peculiar software company with a rare focus on how people feel and how their brain operates when searching or navigating through a Site, giving its Findability developments a unique edge that continues to evolve as part of The Empathy Project; a research lab founded by Colbenson that explores Findability strategies through Expressive Design and Empathy Ranking.
Colbenson-EmpathyBroker HQs are in Leeds (UK) with offices in London (UK) and Barcelona (SPAIN). EmpathyBroker eCommerce Site Search is developed and supported from Galicia on the North West of Spain where a strongly motivated and unified team of developers construct and support EmpathyBroker”


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