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Product Brief

Imaginize image recognition

Our Imaginize feature uses our own image recognition technology to identify different products by colour and category to improve classification, tagging and findability. It's a real game changer!


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Case Study

Casa del Libro

Through understanding user behaviour and re-designing the customer experience, Casa del Libro significantly increased key metrics in a short timeframe, improving the search and site experience, the findability of products, the length of visits as well as adding significant value to sales and revenue.

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Case Study

Adore Me

The top underwear and lingerie eCommerce start-up created a more desirable omnichannel user experience as well as increasing the findability of products, customer satisfaction, revenues and conversions. Our customisable dashboard also allows AdoreMe to control and adjust product placement and ranking in line with their strategic objectives.

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EmpathyBroker Corporate Overview

The Retail industry and search are evolving, find out more about how our approach tackles today’s challenges in a unique and human way. Creating joyful shopping moments that make users feel good and understood in a way that's clear and transparent.

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GDPR Compliance in Commerce Search and Browse

Find out more about GDPR and how it affects eCommerce Search and Browse, what it means in real terms, the best ways to be compliant and how to go beyond GDPR to turn this critical turning point into an opportunity.

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Improving Search Relevancy

Going beyond your Data

Search is so much more than just a simple match against a product catalogue. It should go deeper and be more relevant, meaningful and personalised. That’s why our approach combines and integrates three important techniques.

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Case Study

DESIGUAL OnSite Search

By making improvements and optimisations to the leading Spanish retailer's site search with additional functionality, improved product display and tagging as well as increased categorisation, Desigual was able to see huge boosts in search volumes (+65%), the findability of products (+35%), CTRs (+20%) and revenues (+21%).

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Handling GDPR Compliance and Beyond

Our guide to understanding how GDPR affects and changes the way companies need to interact with consumers, the impact on Search and Browse technology and how to go beyond compliance and turn this new regulation into a positive differentiator.

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Best Practices for Managing Search 

Our 7 step guide to search optimisation looking at Data, Opportunities, No Results Queries, Synonymise, Equalize, Redirect Links and Boosts to improve and enhance your customers search experience.


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Business Case for Search

This white paper explains how to calculate the expected return on investment of a good site search solution. It shows how to build a robust calculation from existing site performance metrics to help make an informed data-driven decision about the value that search can add to your online organisation.

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Findability and Search Joy

Search can be one of the coolest parts of a store and it can also be the most annoying. This paper looks at using a customer-focussed approach to the complex, multi-dimensional problem of search and measuring success by also placing the customer at the centre and moving away from traditional metrics that don't focus enough on the user experience.


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Site Search Analytics

People have one thing in common: they are all unique. This means that people will search in lots of different ways and a good onsite search engine must be able to deal with this. This paper examines this challenge and how analytics can drive a findability strategy that measures performance against objectives.

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How to design an awesome No-results page

No Results needn't be your enemy. Yes, no-one wants to land on a No Results page but they can offer useful insights into customer trends and indicate where site improvements are needed. Here we provide a set of useful wireframes and references on how to learn from and minimise No Results pages.