EmpathyBroker’s products help eCommerce stores provide a more joyful search and navigation experience, one that pairs great technology, functionality and features with customer inspiration, emotions and empathy.

Our founder Angel Maldonado explains how the online store is evolving and that the future of commerce won’t be about data, it will be about people.


The most irresistible and adaptable search interface


Boost your existing search platform by adding personalisation and query intent detection


A scalable, robust and fast search platform for more joyful and inspirational search experiences


Pioneering search and browse insights for actionable ideas

Our products, and their modules, can all be used as standalone elements working with your existing systems and platforms, or they can be integrated with each other to unleash their full potential.

And because we understand that search isn’t just the search engine but a series of components that enhance not only the site’s search and discovery but also the overall shopping experience, we are unique in offering an end-to-end solution.

Enhancing existing search platforms through our intuitive interface; offering the best SaaS search and discovery technology; creating data visualizations to produce actionable ideas and improvements; and providing a bespoke and tailor-made service.