Omnichannel strategies and fashion influencers

Omnichannel strategies and fashion influencers

By the arrival of eCommerce and social networks, consumers are changing their habits. So much so that according to the report ‘Loads od fashion? The relationship with the omnichannel customer in the fashion sector in Spain. Challenges and Opportunities’, elaborated by PwC in collaboration with Coonzoom and Comerzzia, based on interviews and analysis of behavior in social networks of 1,000 consumers aged 16 to 65 years, 40% of consumers follow an omnichannel process of purchasing decision and 18% of fashion online purchases are through mobile devices (up to 50% in some brands).


In addition, the report notes that average order value of online shopping is two to three times higher than in physical stores. 9% said that the apps are their main means of consultation and 11% use them as their main channel of purchase. So we must pay attention to the 3 profiles of buyers based on their way to buy:

  • Traditional buyers. Remain the majority (60%). They do not adapt to the online world and are the elderly and children who buy with their parents.
  • Digital purchasers. They represent 21.2% of the total. Composed mainly of women between 25 and 44 years. Pragmatists and opportunists.
  • Mixed buyers. Accounting for 18.4% in total. Mailny men under 44 who perform a type of very thoughtful purchase.

In conclusion we can say that there is a 40% buyers buying in digital media or their purchase decisions occur in the online environment. Not only that, more than 80% of online shoppers said to check websites or apps brands and 53% have a look in social networks. In fact, in 2015, 72% of brands have some kind of  eCommerce presence.

At this point is when we have to focus on influencers. They have great power of prescription among consumers. On average, brands have a percentage of influencers ranging between 24% and 60% among the total of his followers. A brand that is able to identify their influencers and manage their relationship with them will have a competitive advantage.




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