EmpathyBroker: FAQs

To avoid sending queries to EmpathyBroker findability metrics that are just characters (since token-token search deploys inmediacy and acts on every character), you can add a delay of ‘n’ milliseconds.

Here is a sample to apply a delay to trackQuery (formerly known as trackSearch) from EmpathyBroker tagAPI:


     //Here is where the trackQuery (before known as trackSearch) would be called.

   } , 2000);

The listener event will only be assigned to those elements that you wish to track and measure as a click and therefore elements that will affect the findability metrics (-elements such as an image, a product title or an add to basket icon-).

The extensive use of the trackClick tag (known formally as trackDocuments tag) does not cause performance issues that need to be accounted for. Anyhow your Set Up team provides an staging environment URL (which is the same as the live environment by with the prefix “PRE”) so you can run whatever tests you consider necessary to confirm there is no performance issues related with the extensive use of trackClick tag (or trackDocuments tag).