Give your search the power of sight

The happiest customers find exactly what they are looking for with little effort. Why force them to describe what they’re after, when they can simply show you?

EmpathyVisual combines image recognition with text and behavioural algorithms. These not only help you create unique search experiences for your customers, they also help you save time and money by automating highly-manual and labour-intensive product description and tagging tasks

Product Tagging

Use catalogue images to make your products more findable. Add new colour and product description attributes to your catalogue feed through image recognition.

Image Search

See the power of our image recognition and cutting-edge text and behavioural search algorithms. Give your customers the option to use images to search your catalogue.

Visual Search Tags

Don’t waste time writing tags by hand. Use visually extracted product tags to refine your results and enhance your search experience.

Product Recommendations

Offer a new way for your customers to discover your products. Suggest and display similar products based on visual product tags.

Improve the precision, tagging, and findability of your products.
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