Add intent and context awareness to
your existing search platform.

Connect to EmpathyContext APIs and create highly
personalised and contextual experiences.

The perfect set of relevant results for each search query simply doesn’t exist. At least not for everyone. It depends on the user context and intent.



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Every query, click and purchase from each consented visitor generates a signal. These signals – user, query and category – are collected, processed, filtered and transformed into actionable intent insights.

UserContext API

EmpathyContext API uses these insights to build highly relevant, unique and
personalised results so you can create dynamic and intuitive digital experiences.

Search results based on…

Boost search results based on each person’s affinities and interests, such as favourite brands, preferred styles and categories, price sensitivity etc…

Anticipate and display and/or filter through user’s preferred categories

Boost last viewed and last purchased items in search results

QueryContext API

Infers search intent patterns for every single query by analysing collective behaviour.
Self-learning algorithms designed to keep Search always relevant and to automatically
produce fresh merchandising recommendations without any manual work.

CategoryContext API

Tracks all users on page behaviour, detects patterns and helps you automatically
surface relevant products and content for future visitors.

Display best selling categories, subcategories, brands, etc…

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