Experts in Search and Navigation

Millions of people find Search Happiness with us every day, and you’re probably one of them!

EmpathyBroker was founded in 2012 to help eCommerce stores provide a more joyful search and navigation experience, one that pairs great technology, functionality and features with customer inspiration, emotions and empathy.

Technology plus emotions

Our belief has always been that the problem of commerce search is a twofold one; that of technology and experience. And, only by creating a solution that combines both these aspects, and places people, their emotions and unpredictability at the centre do we really solve the search problem. We see search not just as an information system, but also as being about communication and human interaction.

End-to-end search solution

EmpathyBroker is also the only provider to offer an end-to-end solution; enhancing existing search platforms through our intuitive X interface; offering the best SaaS search and navigation technology; creating data visualizations to produce actionable ideas and improvements; and a bespoke and tailor-made service for more advanced and sophisticated projects.

The best team

What’s more, as an independent company we have the freedom to create and deliver more innovative, exciting and creative solutions. And, that also attracts some of the brightest and most skilled minds to our team, which is unique in being made up of almost all technology people.

People who love the opportunity to not only drive the company forward but to reach millions of users with their ideas and innovations, all based on our core principles of digital empathy, happiness and playfulness.

Creating industry-leading shopping experiences

Today, some of the largest and most successful commerce stores in the world rely on EmpathyBroker to create industry-leading shopping experiences including: Zara, MediaMarkt, Adore Me, Fenwick, Mango, Accessorize, Adolfo Dominguez, Pepe Jeans, Interflora and Soho House.