eCommerce search, navigation and discovery based on experience,
emotion and empathy.

Data, Algorithms and Experiences.

EmpathySearch uniquely combines innovative technology, behaviour-based algorithms and data intelligence with understanding and empathy in a way that makes people feel good, enriches shopping interactions and creates stronger and more trustworthy brand connections.

More engaged and inspired online customers mean more visits, more searches and more sales.

Build search experiences

As the way we shop has changed so has the way we search. It's no longer just about finding something specific, it's about building an experience, about creating richer interactions and connections between people and data. EmpathySearch is unique in offering an intuitive search and discovery experience. It combines innovative technology and understanding to create meaningful customer conversations that are both relevant and personal.

Create magic moments

Advanced features are able to comprehend a customer's intent, interests and tastes, offering an all-in-one solution that not only provides useful, personalised suggestions but also offers surprises. What we call magic moments, where customers discover and fall in love with new products. For us, search isn't just about great functionality, technology and features, it's also about inspiration, emotions and empathy.

GDPR Compliant

What's more, as EmpathySearch's design places transparency at the centre, users are always in control. And, with GDPR just around the corner, that means this compliant solution also puts trust at the heart of your customer relationships.

Ultra-fast and reliable

Some of the world's largest and most successful eCommerce stores use EmpathySearch with its ultra-fast and reliable performance, as well as scalability, to create a more immersive and enjoyable customer search and navigation experience. And importantly, more engaged and inspired online shoppers not only search and visit more but are also proven to shop and purchase more.


EmpathySearch is a standalone product that can be integrated with any platform or interface and also used with our EmpathyX and EmpathyInsights products to enhance and unleash its full potential.

Text, Voice and Image Search


Optimized search box functionality

Query suggestions:

Trending Now Queries
User Search History
Search-as-you-type suggestions
Next Queries
Related Tags

Product suggestions:

SKU/Ref Search


Meaningful and insightful search results


User last viewed products
User Dimensions (i.e.
affinities from search and
purchase history)

Intent Anticipation:

Signal processing that
learns from collective
search behaviour
Self-learning relevance


  • GDPR Compliance.
  • Right to Access, Update, Delete, Restrict, Port, Object and Be Informed on all personal data handling.
  • Data transparency and privacy control.
  • Personal data only used for the purposes outlined at consent.
  • Operates without personal data if consent not given.

Performance and

Search Interface

Empathy Insights:
Search and Browse
Data Insights



EmpathySearch powers some of the largest and most successful eCommerce stores in the world, including:


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Improving Search Relevancy

Going beyond your Data

At EmpathyBroker we believe that search is more than just a simple match against a product catalogue. It should go deeper and be more relevant, meaningful and personalised. That´s why our approach combines and integrates three different techniques.

Desigual Download PDF

Case Study

DESIGUAL OnSite Search

The results obtained in the 3-month period were the following:

  • Search volume +65%
  • Visits that search +11%
  • Findability (CTR) +35%
  • Conversion ratio (CR Search vs CR no
  • Revenues originated at the searcher +21%

AdoreMe Download PDF

Case Study

Adore Me

EmpathyBroker & Adore Me: together for a desirable user experience Mobile and On-Site Commerce Search Case Study

  • Adore Me, top underwear and lingerie e-commerce startups
  • Focus on tracking relevant customer data
  • From 25% findability average on 2014 to 35% findability average on 2016 (JAN-AUG)
  • Uses Findability success as a powerful merchandising and strategy tool

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Handling GDPR Compliance and beyond with EmpathyBroker

EmpathyBroker Personal Data Committee

  • What will change for Users or Consumers once the GDPR comes into effect?
  • In which ways Consent forms will affect the functioning of Search & Browse?
  • This and much more to serve as help and beyond to EmpathyBroker customers.

findabilityresources Download PDF

Best Practices for Managing Search with EmpathyBroker

7 Steps to Search optimisation

  • Data: Understand what's happening
  • Opportunities: Sect areas of action
  • No Results Queries: Improve zero results
  • Synonimyse: Adapt to Users terms
  • Equalize: Tune the Search score & relevancy
  • Redirect Links: Direct Users to specific pages
  • Boosts: Promote & Merchandise


Business-case-for-search-2015-by-EmpathyBroker Download PDF

Business case

For search

This white paper explains how to calculate the expected return on an investment made in site search. It shows how to build a robust calculation from existing site performance metrics to help make an informed data-driven decision about the value that search can add to your online organisation.

findabilityresources Download PDF

Case Study

Findability & Search Joy

The path to Customer Centric strategies across all digital channels

  • Why look for Conversion when you can maximise that which leads to Conversion?
  • Findability sets a before and after in ECommerce Search
  • Be People-Centric, be driven by the way people experience the journey of Search
  • Discover all the secrets about Findability that power EmpathyBroker Platform


Site-Search-Analytics Download PDF

Site Search


People have one thing in common: they are all unique.
This means that people will search in lots of different ways, and your onsite search engine must be able to deal with it.
This paper is about that challenge. The challenge of using analytics to drive your findability strategy and measure how well it's achieving on its objectives.

How-to-design-an-awesome-no-results-page.-A-set-of-useful-wireframes-and-references.-EmpathyBroker Download PDF

How to design an awesome

No-results page

A set of useful wireframes and references