EmpathyBroker: EmpathyAPI


  • OEM to build on your own unique vision.
  • Access Catalogue & Behavioural from a single Data Layer.
  • Construct virtually any Report and distribute it anywhere.


  • Anticipate and handle complex multi-dimensional data.
  • Articulate with ease from a growing Visualisation library.
  • Create rich stories that connect to your Business User.


  • Turn insights into actions.
  • Enable automatic rules, boostings and ranking models.
  • Connect People and Data through Automated Evolutionary Algorithms.

EB Index API

Take ownership of your indexing cycles, provide delta, field, stock, sales, prices and catalogue updates directly from your ERP, ECMS, or console via XML or JSON.

EB Play API 

Manage all EmpathyBroker tools (Empathize, Equalize, Synonymize, Boost, Link and Alert) from any environment.

EB Search API

Deploy JavaScript or REST access to invoke any search feature, score, facet, partial, spelled, rank etc from any environment with milliseconds response time.


Use JavaScript or a REST API to tag all search and navigation events from Desktop, Mobile or Apps.

EB Overlay API

Plug-n-Play our ready made responsive layer for instant deployments while keeping all your analytics in control.

EB Stats API

Access seamlessly stats of your choice (shared intent reports, referrals, CTR by average words, Findability by device, etc) from BI, Control Panels or Analytics.