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Case Studies

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Case Study

Adore Me

EmpathyBroker & Adore Me: together for a desirable user experience Mobile and On-Site Commerce Search Case Study

  • Adore Me, top underwear and lingerie e-commerce startups
  • Focus on tracking relevant customer data
  • From 25% findability average on 2014 to 35% findability average on 2016 (JAN-AUG)
  • Uses Findability success as a powerful merchandising and strategy tool

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Case Study

DESIGUAL OnSite Search

The results obtained in the 3-month period were the following:

  • Search volume +65%
  • Visits that search +11%
  • Findability (CTR) +35%
  • Conversion ratio (CR Search vs CR no
  • Revenues originated at the searcher +21%

worten-case-study Download PDF

Case Study


Worten and Colbenson, together with EmpathyBroker begin to put a solution to this situation, in order to give the best response to their clients/users'needs in their digital platforms.

  • Purchases +56% .
  • Prod/Trans:+0,10%
  • Total income +252%
  • Having achieved 80% of all the sales made through the site search