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Case Studies

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Case Study

Casa del Libro

Through understanding user behaviour and re-designing the customer experience, Casa del Libro significantly increased key metrics in a short timeframe. They improved the search and site experience, findability of products, user interactions, length of visits, and the number, and relevancy, of products displayed as well as adding significant value to sales and revenue.


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Case Study

Adore Me

The top underwear and lingerie eCommerce start-up created a more desirable omnichannel user experience as well as increasing the findability of products, customer satisfaction, revenues and conversions. Our customisable dashboard also allows AdoreMe to control and adjust product placement and ranking in line with their strategic objectives.

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Case Study

DESIGUAL OnSite Search

By making improvements and optimisations to the leading Spanish retailer's site search with additional functionality, improved product display and tagging as well as increased categorisation, Desigual was able to see huge boosts in search volumes (+65%), the findability of products (+35%), CTRs (+20%) and revenues (+21%).

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