Custom Services

Custom Services

EmpathyBroker also offers irresistible, ready-made components and micro-services to enhance and optimise existing search platforms.

Through our workshops, innovative technology and resource of experts, we can help in-house teams design and build great search experiences within their own products. Combining unique features with control, and maintainability with evolvability.

Using our sector expertise and knowledge, we can plug-in our search components and micro-services, our X interface or actionable Insights to enable fast improvements and enrichments without the need to make any costly and lengthy software or architecture changes.

We offer tailored workshops as part of our Academy to analyse and understand current search behaviours, trends and opportunities to then work together on identifying and delivering priorities, points of collaboration and site enhancements.

Our aim is to improve the design, features and functionality of your Commerce site quickly and easily to provide a more joyful search and navigation experience.


  • Integrate on-prem (SingleTenant) EmpathyBroker componentes & APIs to build on your own unique vision.
  • Build on EmpathyBroker blocks with your unique secret source.
  • Construct virtually any Search extension and distribute it anywhere.


  • Take ownership of EmpathyInterface Layering technology.
  • Make associations from Experience to Data.
  • Construct virtually any UX extension and distribute it anywhere.


  • Components to turn insights into Actions.
  • Take ownership of automatic rules, boostings, ranking & equalisation models (Merchandising).
  • Create new connections between people and data through automated evolutionary algorithms.

EmpathyBroker APIs

EB Index

Take ownership of your indexing cycles, provide delta, field, stock, sales, prices and catalogue updates directly from your ERP, ECMS, or console via XML or JSON.

EB Search

Deploy JavaScript or REST access to invoke any search feature, score, facet, partial, spelled, rank etc from any environment with milliseconds response time.

EB Stats

Access seamlessly stats of your choice (shared intent reports, referrals, CTR by average words, findability by device, etc) from BI, control panels or analytics.

EB Play

Manage all EmpathyBroker tools (Empathize, Equalize, Synonymize, Boost, Link and Alert) from any environment.

EB Overlay

Plug-n-Play our ready made responsive layer for instant deployments while keeping all your analytics in control.

EB Tag

Use JavaScript or a REST API to tag all search and navigation events from desktop, mobile or apps.

EmpathyBroker Components

Synonym Component

Multi-language component for multi-byte Query extensions (learnt from Query-Click Session parities).

Partial Component

Query deconstruction component for detected query entities, designed to reduce no-results and offer elegant ways out.

Top Clicked Component

Daily consolidation component that groups most clicked products query expanded (from topClicked results copying).

Empathize Component

Advanced autocomplete service based on the accumulated search experience of site visitors.

Entity Component

Automatic filters are applied when the search engine detecting entities within a user query, and can determine which fields to return. Extended to handle SKU detections and normalisations.

Context Component

Component to apply affinity rules (query time and signal process dependant) to order the results based on the history of each user. This includes, for example, detecting gender, brand affinities, size range and prices.

Merchant Component

With boosts, bury & linking components, position products at the top of the results page (or contextualised).

EQ Component

Equalize (EQ) component allows sorting in an organic way, the results based using a set of rules e,g, New In, Sales or give more prevalence to products from certain categories.

Spellcheck Component

Spellcheck extended component for misspelling , plurals & gender potential errors (language dependant),

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