• My Three Kings Epiphany

    By on 06/01/2016

    Today January the 6th is the day Christians celebrate the arrival of the Three Kings and with it the end of the festive Christmas season. This day is celebrated as the Epiphany (according to the Gospel of Matthew; the...

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    Aesthetic Findability and Site Search through motion and expression

    By on 24/12/2015

    Human Computer Interaction is a failed subject, as any kind of machine interaction, from a dishwasher to a digital watch and everything else in between, anything that provides buttons and controls (climate control in a car, a TV remote,…

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  • Growth Site Search Conversion on BlackFriday and Ciber Monday with EmpathyBroker Site Search and Navigation for eCommerce Growth Site Search Visits on BlackFriday and Ciber Monday with EmpathyBroker Site Search and Navigation for eCommerce

    Conversion and Performance at Black Friday, Ciber Monday for Site Search – be prepared for the SALE period

    By on 05/12/2015

    What happened at Black Friday with Site Search at your Online Store? Black Friday and Ciber Monday have been a total success this year. Most online stores have made as much revenue within this past weekend as the entire...

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  • Bodeboca selects Empathybroker

    By on 16/09/2015

    Bodeboca, our favourite online wine supplier, has selected Empathybroker to simplify the localization and discovery process of their excelent and ever increasing catalogue of wines and related products. One of the functions we’re more excited about is to see…

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  • EmpathyBroker offices

    Front Engineer who loves Data Visualisation for EmpathyBroker

    By on 18/08/2015

    EmpathyBroker Site Search Job Description

    Looking for a full time talented Front Enginer who loves visual representations of Data to work from NW Spain Galicia (Naron or Coruna).

    EmpathyBroker does Site Search and Navigation on the cloud for top brands like…

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    New EmpathyBroker eCommerce Site Search & Navigation Mobile Dashboard

    By on 29/07/2015

    New EmpathyBroker SiteSearch & Navigation Mobile Dashboard

    The new EmpathyBroker Mobile Dashboard brings to your mobile device the query trends that are happening real time in your online store or commerce Apps.

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  • EmpathyBroker real time SiteSearch and Navigation Data Visualisation

    By on 27/07/2015

    Check out the new Data Visualisation tool for EmpathyBroker eCommerce SiteSearch & Navigation. We have unified in one single view the query volume, recurrence and success-failure. All happening in Real-Time.

    This new feature is named NOW and is avaialble to…

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  • When onsite search goes beyond

    By on 16/06/2015 case.

    Search within a Web Site is preconceived as a last resource to tackle with urgency an information need, a tool that for most cases fails leading to abandoning its use in frustration.

    However, something is changing as more and…

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    The evolution of online sales toward empathy and emotions

    By on 26/05/2015

    Charles Darwin is best known for his work “On the Origin of Species” (1859) and not for “The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals” (1872) – but it is in this less well-known book where Darwin analyzed...

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  • What is Site Search?

    By on 11/05/2015

    What is Site Search? Funnily enough there is no entity of its own right for Site search within the context of Information Retrieval and Information Retrieval Applications. At Colbenson and EmpathyBroker we hear and speak about Site Search, on-site search...

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    Spring trends

    By on 20/04/2015

    With the newly opened spring time the new fashion colections pop out and start to show on the stores. At this point of time your brand will be already more than prepared with products that fit the trends for…

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    SEARCHER: The ultimate resource?

    By on 07/04/2015

    With hundreds (even thousands) of products in stock it’s pretty easy for the user to get lost and not find what she wants if our web has a poor web architecture. Upper menu, lateral menu, highlights… And a little…

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    EmpathyBroker increses revenue by 200% on

    By on 27/03/2015

    When an ecommerce decides that its comercial strategy should be based on a price war everything must work perfectly, and this also applies of course to its searcher. Buyers that demand technology normally have a pretty clear idea of...

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    The ‘LONG-TAIL’ user

    By on 23/03/2015

    As we have mentioned in earlier posts, the analysis and knowledge obtained from our EmpathyBroker tool has shown us that a broad spectrum of user profiles exists and that a good bunch of them show a high degree of…

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    EmpathyBroker: Personalized searching

    By on 19/03/2015

    What happens when two agents don’t speak the same language? It’s seems pretty clear that both of them use the same oral language, the same channel. Nonetheless they are unable to understand the code. In the case of the...

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    From screen to paper

    By on 16/03/2015

    Long lost are those days in which the natural progresión was from offline to online. Digital media was considered as something marginal against what was really important: the physical world. The ‘real’ stuff took all credibility against the new...

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    A cooler search engine for DESIGUAL

    By on 12/03/2015

      When a brand wants to make the difference, this difference must be applied in all senses. Desigual, the most colorful Spanish fashion brand, thought that if ‘life is cool… why shouldn’t its internal browser be so?’. Desigual counted...

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    Monobrand vs Multibrand positioning

    By on 11/03/2015

    Comparisons are odious, even more when you compare two entirely different things. Since the Internet was introduced as a new media, it seamed advertising would be easier and cheaper from then on, in comparison with offline media.  Well-known and...

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    THEDRESS: When a viral give us a name

    By on 02/03/2015

      I still remember the days when we wrote down the clothing’s reference numbers at the shop. Then all of us invented different names for the same garment. No words needed; fashion has always been visual stuff… but not...

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    DIGITAL EMPHATY: Know what your customers want

    By on 26/02/2015

      If your ecommerce is one of those that has several categories and plenty of products in stock you may have to ask yourself what are you selling, how you selling it and to whom. Just imagine yourself for...

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    ROPO: from searcher to shop

    By on 23/02/2015

    From:   There was a time when the importance of the online media versus the retail was a very argued issue. Everything pointed towards ecommerce would overcome traditional shops. The new media detractors would argue things like consumer...

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    Synonyms: The good, the bad & the ugly

    By on 19/02/2015

    – Synonyms? Do you mean similar meanings? Easy. I can go to Wordreference and that’s it! – Ha! Big mistake when your synonyms are going to affect the results page of your search engine. There are so many exceptions...

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    Know the way people describe your products. Keep an eye on fashion bloggers.

    By on 16/02/2015

    As a brand or advertiser, sometimes it’s hard to avoid technicalities. This is more remarkable in the case of fashion industry; an industry in which whilst marketers refer to a certain garment as “guipure kaftan” users just call it...

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  • selects EmpathyBroker, the new force in Search & Navigation

    By on 11/02/2015

    As we have recently announced EmpathyBroker has been rebranded to EmpathyBroker, normalising its offering not only to free text search but to Site Navigation as well. We are delighted to announce in this promising year the first new Worldwide customer for the new EmpathyBroker

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  • EmpathyBorker will meet you at MeasureCamp, the unique event were you are the hero

    By on 29/01/2015

    Are you a professional in online searching, or just and amateur? either way is fine. Come and take part of this active brainstorm where you are the only one who decide content and ways of working. Learn, ask, discuss...

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