• Facets for Daniel

    Facets internal search engine: what you want, as you want

    By on 04/10/2016

    Getting into a web ecommerce and finding exactly what you’re looking for is a shared dream for all users and all e-commerce. Why? Because a happy customer is a customer who repeats a purchase and therefore both parties is...

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    By on 29/09/2016

    Is there anything more adorable than someone who knows you better than you do? Someone who knows your preferred bra color? Okay, okay. Perhaps it sounds a little bit freaky. But when that “somebody” is one of the top…

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  • EmpathyBroker Team in Gijon

    Angel Maldonado is appointed Chairman

    By on 27/09/2016

    It is a great pleasure for our company to announce two new appointments: German Heredia, former CEO of NewTec joins as new EmpathyBroker CEO while Ángel Maldonado will promote to Chairman and board member, limiting his involvement in the…

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  • More than just Search

    By on 22/09/2016

    We all love Search, that one place where you can actually say something, type anything and get a response. Going into a site with illusion and willing to buy what you need. When sending a query one feels like…

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    By on 20/09/2016

    When your business is about selling all kind of little pieces, big pieces, whatever pieces, pieces from different manufacturers and pieces from different places of the world you can only thing in one word: ORGANIZATION.

    Everybody wonders how they can…

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  • Why does Web Search work better than eCommerce Search?

    By on 15/09/2016

    To the consumer, search within eCommerce has been traditionally a negative experience, particularly when compared with Web Search and other consumer tools that inevitably set the benchmark of what Search should deliver.

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    By on 13/09/2016

    EmpathyBroker’s site search engine has been implemented few weeks ago in 15 languages and we can see already results: in just 15 days conversions metrics have notably risen.

    Magic? No. We prefer call it FINDABILITY; almost 20% of users that…

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  • Which KPIs do you need to succeed

    By on 08/09/2016

    As soon as we start developing a marketing strategy, we need to create our measurable concepts, as well as monitoring and planning concepts. This is highly important because having these ‘structured’ strategy, we can analyse and measure our goals…

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    By on 30/08/2016

    With more than 30.000 products, PromoFarma’s users were in need of solid search engine that solves urgent and not so urgent demands. Furthermore, users were in need of online reliable drugstore. In this way, EmpathyBroker’s site search engine becomes…

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  • TOUS: He who has a bear has a treasure

    By on 25/08/2016

    Thus, the “hippest bear” in the world expands a little further to international online market with the launch of its multi-language search engine (English, Catalan, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian) with EmpathyBroker.

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  • Once again, EmpathyBroker is sponsoring MeasureCamp

    By on 23/08/2016

    Next Saturday September 17th one of the hottest Digital Marketing events takes place in Madrid.

    Following the previous success, MeasureCamp comes back to Madrid in it´s third edition, and again, with EmpathyBroker´s sponsorship.

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  • Come with me, dearest brand lovers

    By on 18/08/2016

    Being a beloved brand by consumers is the source of happiness of any marketing team. Having a brand lover, an innate brand advocate who knows how to argue the positive side of your company in any conversation in which…

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  • Omnichannel strategies and fashion influencers

    By on 16/08/2016

    By the arrival of eCommerce and social networks, consumers are changing their habits. So much so that according to the report ‘Loads od fashion? The relationship with the omnichannel customer in the fashion sector in Spain. Challenges and Opportunities’,…

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  • How to adapt Pokemon Go psychologie to our eCommerce

    By on 11/08/2016

    Pokemon GO fever is trending topic this summer (leaving apart the dreaded ‘summer song’). Since this augmented reality game became a social phenomenon, detractors and zealots have emerged to discuss about it. Social Networks are fuming and the popularity…

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  • Search, compare and click

    By on 09/08/2016

    For recently years, ecommerce is continually growing and its evolution is exponential. According to the latest study by the National Commission Markets and Competition (CNMC) between April and June 2016 approximately 69.5 million e-commerce transactions were made, which means…

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    By on 05/08/2016

    So that with Media Markt “being happy costs so little” is something already knew. But now that EmpathyBroker is part of this electronics giant’s life, finding what you are looking for costs so little too.

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  • EmpathyDay 2016

    By on 18/04/2016

    Could not feel happier and prouder after our 2016 EmpathyDay. This year everyone gathered in Asturias, celebrating our new team and offices in Gijon Technology Park.

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  • The evolution of Merchandising tools: Kill the Form and Play

    By on 29/03/2016

    Many tools are available to reduce the distance between People and Data in bi-directional ways.

    These tools can be grouped in three distinctive types:

    User tools
    Data tools
    Business tools
    User tools explicitly allow a User to filter, relate, arrange, spell-check or refine their…

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  • Self managed development teams

    By on 02/02/2016

    At EmpathyBroker we believe in the self, in the immense power contained in hope and self determination to resolve every challenge, one by one, one after another.

    Hierarchical structures, in our view, offer no value and in fact undermine self…

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  • Announcing the new EmpathyBroker PlayBoard

    By on 08/01/2016

    Our new PlayBoard will co-exist with the current version (v3) of our Dashboard, however our new admin tool is conceived as a Game, fulfilling a set of key use cases in SiteSearch and eCommerce Search management from a Gaming…

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  • My Three Kings Epiphany

    By on 06/01/2016

    Today January the 6th is the day Christians celebrate the arrival of the Three Kings and with it the end of the festive Christmas season. This day is celebrated as the Epiphany (according to the Gospel of Matthew; the...

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    Aesthetic Findability and Site Search through motion and expression

    By on 24/12/2015

    Human Computer Interaction is a failed subject, as any kind of machine interaction, from a dishwasher to a digital watch and everything else in between, anything that provides buttons and controls (climate control in a car, a TV remote,…

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  • Growth Site Search Conversion on BlackFriday and Ciber Monday with EmpathyBroker Site Search and Navigation for eCommerce Growth Site Search Visits on BlackFriday and Ciber Monday with EmpathyBroker Site Search and Navigation for eCommerce

    Conversion and Performance at Black Friday, Ciber Monday for Site Search – be prepared for the SALE period

    By on 05/12/2015

    What happened at Black Friday with Site Search at your Online Store? Black Friday and Ciber Monday have been a total success this year. Most online stores have made as much revenue within this past weekend as the entire...

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  • Bodeboca selects Empathybroker

    By on 16/09/2015

    Bodeboca, our favourite online wine supplier, has selected Empathybroker to simplify the localization and discovery process of their excelent and ever increasing catalogue of wines and related products. One of the functions we’re more excited about is to see…

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  • EmpathyBroker offices

    Front Engineer who loves Data Visualisation for EmpathyBroker

    By on 18/08/2015

    EmpathyBroker Site Search Job Description

    Looking for a full time talented Front Enginer who loves visual representations of Data to work from NW Spain Galicia (Naron or Coruna).

    EmpathyBroker does Site Search and Navigation on the cloud for top brands like…

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    New EmpathyBroker eCommerce Site Search & Navigation Mobile Dashboard

    By on 29/07/2015

    New EmpathyBroker SiteSearch & Navigation Mobile Dashboard

    The new EmpathyBroker Mobile Dashboard brings to your mobile device the query trends that are happening real time in your online store or commerce Apps.

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  • EmpathyBroker real time SiteSearch and Navigation Data Visualisation

    By on 27/07/2015

    Check out the new Data Visualisation tool for EmpathyBroker eCommerce SiteSearch & Navigation. We have unified in one single view the query volume, recurrence and success-failure. All happening in Real-Time.

    This new feature is named NOW and is avaialble to…

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  • When onsite search goes beyond

    By on 16/06/2015 case.

    Search within a Web Site is preconceived as a last resource to tackle with urgency an information need, a tool that for most cases fails leading to abandoning its use in frustration.

    However, something is changing as more and…

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    The evolution of online sales toward empathy and emotions

    By on 26/05/2015

    Charles Darwin is best known for his work “On the Origin of Species” (1859) and not for “The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals” (1872) – but it is in this less well-known book where Darwin analyzed...

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  • What is Site Search?

    By on 11/05/2015

    What is Site Search? Funnily enough there is no entity of its own right for Site search within the context of Information Retrieval and Information Retrieval Applications. At Colbenson and EmpathyBroker we hear and speak about Site Search, on-site search...

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