• Desktop vs Mobile

    By on 26/09/2017

    This chart represents a comparison over the last year of the Search traffic evolution between Desktop and Mobile devices, showing a notable increase in Mobile traffic during the last months.

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  • Trends

    By on 25/09/2017

    We were interested to find how some end users queries behave through the whole year, and find out from the data if would emerge common patterns.

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  • Why Conversion? Mmmm….

    By on 15/09/2017

    Here is a collection of marketing messages from Software Vendors within the eCommerce Search offering: SLI-Systems: “Convert shoppers into buyers“ Findify: “Sell more…“ Bloomreach: “…more discoverable, relevant and profitable“ Fact-Finder: “Sell more…“ Algolia (eCommerce): “Increase sales...” Apptus (Search): “Relevant search...

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  • My First Data Visualization with StatsAPI

    By on 15/09/2017

    This is my first post, where to start? after working roughly 2 weeks with the STATS API I would like to share my experience.

    As the way I see it, EmpathyBroker’s StatsAPI is aimed to process the data available in…

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  • Live Vists and Search Journeys

    By on 11/09/2017

    As part of the work we investigate on how to better Contextualise Search (as opposed to mere personalisation, although this is in itself another subject), the EmpathyBroker team has been working in ways of Visualising Search journeys within the…

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  • Expressive Design in eCommerce

    By on 17/08/2017

    Being Empathetic to the emotional nature of customers is the single trigger that can be the catalyst to create loyalty.
    Whether you call them Users, Visits, Sessions, Customers, they are People, just like you and I, driven by desires and…

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  • Does personalization always work?

    By on 02/08/2017

    Does personalizing the experience always work? What an easy question, heh? You might be thinking that the answer is Yes, because it makes sense and you may have read many posts about Personalization. But please, hang on in there…

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  • EmpathyBroker appoints Eduardo Sanchez as Executive Chairman

    By on 28/06/2017

    EmpathyBroker announced the appointment of Eduardo Sanchez as Executive Chairman. A seasoned software executive, he brings more than 25 years of experience on data, advanced analytics and cloud businesses.

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  • A new professional environment

    By on 05/06/2017

    At EmpathyBroker we believe that understanding engineering and computer students is very important. They will be our partners in the future and we need to transmit the philosophy and values of our company, our way of working and our…

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  • Decoded Fashion

    By on 08/05/2017

    It is with pleasure that we can announce that we will be proud sponsors of the Decoded Fashion Summit 16th – 17th May. We are looking forward to talking to as many brands as possible about Site Search, Findability…

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  • Cool initiative on Zara’s site to reduce the return rate

    By on 27/04/2017

    Everybody knows Zara, and we can proudly say that their Search Engine is empowered by us, EmpathyBroker. However, today I won’t be talking about Search. Today I would like to speak about a very cool initiative that Zara is…

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  • Do you want to take part in our Search test?

    By on 20/04/2017

    At EmpathyBroker we are defining what Search Happiness is. For that we are running remote user tests in order to understand the way people search.

    What do we need from you? Just a few of your minutes to enter our…

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  • Collaboration is King

    By on 06/04/2017

    All my greatest achievements in life have been due to a great team ethos and spirit of collaboration and helping each other so that we all achieve. This applies in all areas, including any sporting achievements, work recognition or…

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  • Search Happiness: is Conversion more important than Happiness?

    By on 30/03/2017

    Search Happiness: is Conversion more important than Happiness?
    Forget about conversion for a moment. Let’s focus on Search Happiness instead.
    Imagine this, my friend Anna lands on your site. She is looking for a dress for a party but she…

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  • Misconceptions in Site Search

    By on 09/03/2017

    Search isn’t sexy

    Search IS sexy. If you see search as a vital component of your ecommerce site, then it can be like lingerie. With your site already working efficiently and with it being appealing to the consumer, this added…

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  • Accessorize web

    How important is the size of your search box?

    By on 27/02/2017

    Would you like to understand what the impact of the size of your search box has on the search experience on your site? At EmpathyBroker we are working on the analysis of this and are looking to answer questions…

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  • EmpathyBroker will be Gold sponsor in the next MeasureCamp London

    By on 20/01/2017

    EmpathyBroker is delighted to announce that will be contributing to the next MeasureCamp London as a Gold sponsor.

    MeasureCamp is an open and free to attend unconference for the Web Analytics and Digital Marketing industry that had its first edition…

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  • Looking for a pretty bunch of flowers? Check out the  new search feature at Interflora

    By on 20/12/2016

    Can you imagine a life without flowers? Bouquets for weddings, bunches for anniversaries and many options for decorating both events and your home. Now in today’s world, there is also the possibility of buying flowers online and receiving them…

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  • All i want for Christmas is 100% findability

    By on 13/12/2016

    The jolliest time of the year is coming to town. We see “Merry Christmas” everywhere and we can’t avoid falling in love with the message whilst spending a lot of money on gifts.

    Have you already prepared your Christmas display…

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  • 5 Site Search trends to adopt in 2017 (if you are not yet riding the wave)

    By on 29/11/2016

    As we have pointed several times, an on-site search is more than a search box; it can be a powerful sales tool, a continuation of your navigation menu or a stunning user experience booster. But it depends on how…

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  • The power of Findability on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    By on 22/11/2016

    The end of the year is coming; Christmas time are closer than we can imagine and the time to start thinking on Christmas gifts has to be right now. Hopefully for those shopping lovers Black Friday and Cyber Monday…

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  • Riding through Lovely Bikes user-adjustable e-commerce

    By on 15/11/2016

    As Queen said ‘I want to ride my bicycle’ and I want it to be special. Can you imagine if you can create your bike exactly as you want? Including smaller parts of it? LovelyBikes makes it possible by…

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  • Findability and Add2Cart correlation

    By on 08/11/2016

    Too often within e-commerce we talk about simple conversion metrics that don’t focus on the customer or brand experience, both of which are extremely important and hold great value. The same can be said with regards to site search….

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  • Trick or search? Get your site ready for halloween!

    By on 31/10/2016

    Sometimes, we like to say Findability is a kind of magic. But far from being a spooky concept, Findability is all about numbers, analysis and, especially, empathy. When you get visitors data from your site search you are able…

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  • Findability, the fundamental component of online conversion

    By on 27/10/2016

    Imagine your client always finds what they need when they come to your site. Imagine that they love your brand so much that they recommend you to everyone they know? Stop imagining! Make it happen!

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    By on 25/10/2016

    EmpathyBroker’s Team is very glad to announce our last and successful project for Massimo Dutti: the integration of our site search on the brand’s mobile app.

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    By on 18/10/2016

    Inside EmpathyBroker’s Clients Platform you will find ALERT: an alert tool that provides you with information about users’ searches. You can introduce keywords that you want to monitorize and get real-time detection of those query trends.

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  • EmpathyBroker powers Desigual’s omnichannel search

    By on 14/10/2016

    So many colours, shocking prints, playfulness branding actions go around this Spanish brand that encourage people to “Find your atypical look”. Because people who buys in Desigual, likes to be different, original and unusual. So why do they offer…

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  • When Search met Findability

    By on 11/10/2016

    To the consumer, search within eCommerce has been traditionally a negative experience, particularly when compared with Web Search and other consumer tools that inevitably set the benchmark of what Search should deliver. In our view, eCommerce Search has failed…

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  • RichRelevance releases the new e-Commerce Search FIND powered by EmpathyBroker

    By on 06/10/2016

    EmpathyBroker and RichRelevance have collaborated through an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) agreement to create a new Search Product. The new Search Engine for e-commerce (to be marketed by RichRelevance) is named FIND; a ground braking development that adds personalisation…

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