• Our new Future Visualization – Detecting and predicting trends and behaviour

    By on 04/09/2018

    EmpathyInsights success derives from a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and requirements. As part of our drive to make eCommerce search data more easily visible and actionable, our latest visualization has been designed to detect trends within our…

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  • Incident detection and continuous monitoring in AWS

    By on 30/08/2018

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now in effect, aiming to oversee people’s Fundamental Rights regarding personal data processing, protection and portability.

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  • The Impact of Automated Testing in QA Environments

    By on 28/08/2018

    The never-ending discussion of manual versus automated testing continues unabated in work environments when we face the challenge of controlling the quality of a product. This is because there is more than one way to perform a QA process…

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  • The influence of TF-IDF algorithms in eCommerce search

    By on 24/08/2018

    At a basic level, information retrieval systems work by receiving a term and returning a set of documents relevant for that term. The magic that happens inside these systems is defined by algorithms that, relying on probability and statistical…

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  • A voyage into the back-end

    By on 23/08/2018

    Today the employment world of Software Engineering has become a fierce battle field characterized by the diversity of the weapons that each fighter brings to eliminate the competition. Education can fall short in a world in which each discipline…

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  • It’s time to focus on site search and performance

    By on 22/08/2018

    eCommerce search has changed a lot in the last few years. Everyone´s experienced that feeling of frustration when using a search box to look for a specific product and not being able to find it, even when we know…

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  • To Stem or not to Stem, that is the question!

    By on 14/08/2018

    Stemming is a method often used in search engine optimisation where words are trimmed and then collated together under the umbrella of a common root. For example: the words gold, golden and goldeny would belong to the group gold.

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  • Let´s talk about Testing

    By on 07/08/2018

    Frequently, and especially in social networks and technology forums, I come across essays on the principles of the methodology of testing.

    Among the different approaches, there are those who strongly defend manual testing against automatic tests, and then I also…

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  • Scientists vs Dreamers in Product Management

    By on 30/07/2018

    Being data driven is considered a good thing, there is truth in it, but there is also truth in questioning it.
    There is danger in prioritising reason over unreason when it comes to exercising…

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