• Presenting a new venture: ImagineYourData.com

    The future of search is not search but Empathy. I am both pleased and excited to share a new venture: ImagineYourData.com; an open lab where our amazing Data, Insights and Front-Engineer teams will be sharing their advancements in connecting the way people behave with the online stores understanding, creating the...

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  • Why Conversion? Mmmm….

    Here is a collection of marketing messages from Software Vendors within the eCommerce Search offering: SLI-Systems: “Convert shoppers into buyers“ Findify: “Sell more…“ Bloomreach: “…more discoverable, relevant and profitable“ Fact-Finder: “Sell more…“ Algolia (eCommerce): “Increase sales...” Apptus (Search): “Relevant search results mean big business“ Attraqt “Step change in their conversion...

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  • Graphic Designer for EmpathyBroker

    Graphic designer  work within an engagement Web Design / UX, Key responsibilities will include: Design and develop mockups for presentations and layouts. Branding experience, implement and customize third party styleguides into our products. Think and create visual experiences. We  are  looking  for  committed,  enthusiastic  and  open minded people, with...

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  • Job Offer Data Viz engineer for EmpathyBroker

    Data Viz engineer work within an engagement front team, Key responsibilities will include:

    Function as integrators between business needs and technology solutions, helping to create new visualisations base on search concepts.
    Defining systems strategy, developing system requirements, designing, prototyping, and testing custom technology solutions, and supporting system implementation.

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  • Job Offer  Frontend Engineer

    As a Frontend Engineer, you will use your knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS to conceptualize and build awesome features in our core frontend products:

    Layer: highly customizable plug and play library for EmpathyBroker’s search, used by millions of users
    Play: actionable WYSIWYG dashboard to manage EmpathyBroker from any
    Insights: advanced data…

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  • Expressive Design in eCommerce

    Being Empathetic to the emotional nature of customers is the single trigger that can be the catalyst to create loyalty.
    Whether you call them Users, Visits, Sessions, Customers, they are People, just like you and I, driven by desires and emotions, People who have an special emotional connection with family,…

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  • Does personalization always work?

    Does personalizing the experience always work? What an easy question, heh? You might be thinking that the answer is Yes, because it makes sense and you may have read many posts about Personalization. But please, hang on in there and listen to what our data has to say.

    I’ll use…

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  • Data Viz engineer for EmpathyBroker

    EmpathyBroker Commerce Search is the engine that powers top retailers online (Zara, Dutti, Mango, Adoreme or Mediamarkt among others). EmpathyBroker is for all those who believe on teamwork, commitment, innovation and excellence.

    We are looking for hardworking, enthusiastic and open minded people, but especially proactive and eager to learn.

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  • Systems Administrator for EmpathyBroker

    EmpathyBroker Commerce Search is the engine that powers on top retailers online (Massimo Dutti, Mango, Pepe Jeans or Mediamarkt). The main company values are teamwork, commitment, innovation, creativity and excellence. What are we looking for? We are looking for hardworking, enthusiastic and open minded people, with the capacity to...

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