• JOB OFFER Full Stack Engineer for EmpathyBroker

    At EmpathyBroker our client success culture means everything we do is focused on our customers’ happiness and covering all of their needs, we call this love dispatching. It means we often create roles that, like our mindset, are less conventional, and look for individuals who shine and are exceptional.


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  • Data Scientist Engineer for EmpathyBroker

    Data Scientists influence how EmpathyBroker does business, one date-driven decision at a time! In this role, you may assist business units with causal inferences and observations with finding patterns, relationships in data, develop software, algorithms and applications to apply mathematics to data, perform large scale a variety of business…

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  • Backend engineer for EmpathyBroker

    Backend engineer open position to work within the search team. Key responsibilities will include:

    Design and build search features to include them into the existing EmpathyBroker search system.
    Design and build new systems to help the company to grow and scale.

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  • I am an analyst and these are the 4 lessons I have learnt from Black Friday

    As the Christmas campaign rapidly approaches and new challenges come along with it, I wanted to spare a moment to reflect on what I have found interesting and teaching from this last Black Friday. First, let me explain why these learnings and derived actions are of key importance:

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  • 2018’s turning point: GDPR

    Understanding the significance of the GDPR directive triggers the notion of Data as a potential liability.
    The majority and the fastest growing sets of Data held by any online store or platform are in fact made of Personal Data.

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  • DevOps job position

    EmpathyBroker is looking for a tech-savvy DevOps Engineer to join our Backend team. You will use
    your Linux administration and tuning skills and software development experience to maintain the
    Search Platform used by some of the biggest e-commerce retailers in Europe.

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  • Irresistible products aren’t reasoned into existence

    We live in a world of Data, relying on metrics religiously, unquestionably and following their lead.

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  • ​JOB ​OFFER Backend Engineer

    Backend engineer open position to work within the search team. Key responsibilities will include…

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  • ​JOB ​OFFER Frontend​ ​Engineer

    As a Frontend Engineer, you will use your knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS to conceptualize and …

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