• The Dream UI: A Magic Moments maker

    When using the real world as a source of inspiration, the digital world is capable of creating principal memories or awakening moments.
    Leaving aside VR and upcoming voice or gesture innovations, everyday devices are already filled with visuals that bring life to the otherwise flat screen. Rotations, motions and transitions…

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  • MongoDB Europe ’17: arcade beers and data

    After an hour trip on the ‘Tube’ in a cold wet London Wednesday morning from Shepherd’s Bush to the O2 Arena where this years MongoDB Europe edition was held, we got there wet and hungry… BUT, what we would see was just going to change our moods for good.

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  • Expressive Design in Commerce

    An online store is a communication system where the Sender of a Message (-and the receiver of a response-) is a Human Being.
    When People are confronted with products and offers in a device screen as opposed to confronted with other Human Beings, our unique capacity to articulate and understand…

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  • Optimizing projects with agile software development

    At EmpathyBroker we have been using Scrum as the agile solution for our projects since our foundation.
    As a software development company working in large applications and web services, managing the lifecycle of a project often becomes a quite complex and challenging task.

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  • GDPR in eCommerce: The Epiphany of Personal Data

    Naming Personal Data as “Data assets” creates a false sense of property (the notion of “asset”) on something that by definition belongs to someone else; the User.
    GDPR acts as a kind of pedestal from which Personal Data is freed from hidden purposes, hence using the symbolism here of Delacroix’s…

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  • Create Data Visualizations for the Web

    One of our principles at EmpathyBroker is to always anticipate what is coming next. In other words, innovation is key for us. We truly believe that the future depends on what we do today

    Innovate through data is what we do in the area of the business called Insights, and…

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  • What is Digital Empathy and how can we evoke it

    How can eCommerce tools connect with the Human Being behind the Data?
    Many words have been written on personalisation. There are plenty of software products around profiling through Data. However, these tools provide little and in many cases no service when it comes to connect to our emotional drive.

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  • ImagineYourData: Learn career opportunities for Data Visualizations

    Did you know that DataViz is a multi-billion growing industry?
    The challenge for future developers is to know how to develop visual and actionable products in a world where data complexity is growing.
    Learn about the technologies used by ImagineYourData.com and EmpathyBroker.com to generate game-changing visualisations on our talk on Data…

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  • GDPR in eCommerce: from Compliance to Opportunity

    GDPR in eCommerce: from Compliance to Opportunity
    When Personal Data becomes truly …

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