Trust and Privacy Strategies for eCommerce Workshop

Trust and Privacy Strategies for eCommerce


We live in a Demand Driven world where each individual has the tools and the access to reach an increasingly versatile offering, where buyers have become ever more aware of their power and freedom to access virtually anything.

Digital Strategies have traditionally depended on sophisticated user profiling, capturing online and off-line signals to shape and tailor the offering to the demand by using the most relevant form.

Consumers have become savvy and aware that their data is used to serve interests outside of their own, where people are realising the monetary value of their profiles, where privacy and trust have become principal to brand identity.

In our recent survey, over 40% of Brits and Spaniards didn’t believe brands were any more transparent with their personal data since the introduction of GDPR. What’s more, worryingly, only half of Spanish consumers and a third of Brits said they trusted brands with their personal data.

This workshop will reaffirm the great opportunity that privacy brings to establish trustworthiness and will outline strategies to build trust while also creating a more personal and joyful online shopping experience.

About this workshop

Consumers still don’t fully trust brands and that’s why always being open and transparent is so important. It not only builds trust but empowers consumers with a sense of control, loyalty and confidence. We as individuals have a right to be protective over our privacy, and the use of our personal data and retail’s personalisation techniques often raise questions and can feel too big brother like.

But there is a balance. In this workshop, you’ll learn about Transparency by Design, about the ways in which Privacy as Trust can be implemented and about how Privacy can become a key property and differentiating value.

Privacy as Trust represents a shift from the automated and hidden processing of profiling data to sharing with the user what you know about them. Empowering the user with a sense of control and trust by creating online experiences that are open and transparent.

It will also present different tactics to create a more tailored, personalised experience, one not based on personal data or historic actions but on a real-time understanding, using present context and intent. This is not only more transparent but it adds more value, wowing shoppers and delivering the kind of service that will drive loyalty and sales.

What are you going to learn?

Understanding user profiling in complex systems.

Understanding user data from statistical to personalisation.

Transparency by Design through UX.

Explainability of machine learning for tooling and business users.

Privacy as Trust. Evoking and implementing.

SOLID and similar frameworks.

The dream of me.


Angel Maldonado

  • Duration:

    4 Hours

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    On Premise

  • Unlimited Participants

        • For:
        • CEOs, CXOs, CPOs
        • Product Managers
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