Data, Insights and Visualizations Workshop

Data, Insights and Visualizations


At EmpathyBroker our obsession with search goes beyond the technology we build. For us, the search experience is about creating emotion and joy, as such we’re constantly looking at how to make search more irresistible, whether that be through the design, the technology or the analysis.

This is where data and insights take a key role. Understanding and learning from user behaviour and experiences not only generates ideas but produces more informed and strategic business decisions.
Learn how your search is performing, your customers are behaving and how to fully leverage and capitalize on your data assets to enrich user interactions and create happy customers.

About this workshop

Measuring and analysing search performance is critical for today’s eCommerce retailers. And, that’s not just transactional or conversion data but understanding if a search experience emotionally connects with customers, if they’re able to find what they want and have moments of joy and magic along the way.

This workshop will provide insightful visualizations that you’ll love, using your own search data to help you increase your understanding of the performance of your ecommerce site and users’ behaviour. We’ll look at your core metrics and KPIs, at search and product performance, No Results pages, findability, global comparisons, seasonal differences, the connections between users and products and so on.

Understanding and analysing your data will enable you to spot real-time and future trends, detect market opportunities, and identify patterns to improve, enhance and personalise the customer experience. You’ll come away with not only a better understanding of your site and customers but full of ideas on how to make it better.

“If you can process and visualise data in the right way, it will teach you and show you things that you’d have never otherwise known. This is why visualizations have so much intrinsic value, they hold the key to unlocking our understanding of practically everything.”
German Heredia, CEO and Head of Insights at EmpathyBroker

What are you going to learn?

Introduction to Search Experience Insights

Role and significance of metrics. Visualizations, Reporting and
Insights in Search, Browse and Discovery.

Data for Dreammakers

Search KPI’s.
Tracking events.
Trends, relationships and algorithms for KPI’s.

Metrics and Reporting

Metrics and dimensions.
Data processing and architecture techniques.

Visualizations for Storytellers

Key factors and questions before designing a search visualization.
The technology behind the scenes.

Your 10 questions that insights should answer


German Heredia

  • Duration:

    4 Hours

  • Price:


  • Location:

    On Premise

  • Unlimited Participants

    • For:
    • CMOs, CTOs, CIOs, CPOs
    • Digital Directors
    • eCommerce Managers
    • Analysts, Merchandisers
    • Product Owners
    • Marketing Professionals
  • “EmpathyBroker´s Search Design Workshop was insightful, inspirational and informative. We came away with the knowledge of not only how to get the most from our own website search engine but also with a better understanding of the market, trends and innovations.”
  • “EmpathyBroker’s Search Workshop opened our minds to new ideas through a deeper understanding and analysis of our own site as well as a greater awareness of industry trends and innovations. It was both informative and energetic, and we came away with renewed enthusiasm and ideas. An excellent and very worthwhile session.”
  • “EmpathyBroker´s workshop on the design of search experiences covered everything from the search engine to reporting, the user interface to the user experience, and it was not only enjoyable but inspirational. We learnt an incredible amount and look forward to taking this back to our customers as well as working alongside EmpathyBroker collaboratively in the future. We’d thoroughly recommend these workshops.”

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