Front Engineering Workshop

Front Engineering


Crafting an advanced search interface is an important and fundamental part of building an engaging search experience.

The interface needs to enhance the digital journey through advanced, frictionless features and functionality that improve the findability of products while delighting users and boosting discoverability with smooth, intuitive and quick navigation.
Learn how to apply award-winning Interface technology to any search platform to isolate the search logic from the experience, to enhance the customer journey and transform the way customers interact with your store.

About this workshop

Search doesn’t finish with a response or a results page. There are many ways to facilitate and enhance the search journey and for users to interact with the search box and search navigation. Many years of work and expertise in search and discovery have taught us the importance of an advanced, intuitive interface and that the very essence of the search experience can lie in its hands.

Preventing No Results pages, guiding the search journey by facilitating the discovery of new products or simply offering the right search recommendations, are some of the key factors involved in a joyful search experience.

During this hands-on session you’ll learn, with all the technical aspects involved, the process for defining an isolated search UI, the key principles involved in the implementation, and the resulting enhancements to the customer journey.

What are you going to learn?

The principles, concepts and thought processes behind creating an advanced search interface and its implementation.

Concepts and principles

  • Instant Search
  • Instant vs Delimited Search
  • KPIs
  • Performance considerations
  • Empathize
  • No Results situations and fallback mechanisms
  • Adapting to the query intention
  • Privacy and transparency

Technical considerations

  • Keeping the search state
  • Tracking A2C in product page
  • Handling large collections of items
  • Performance
  • Virtual DOM
  • Tips
  • Polyfills and browser support
  • Mobile first development


  • From EmpathyOverlay to EmpathyInterface
  • Product overview
  • Product breakdown
  • Architecture overview
  • Quarks
  • Components
  • Component model
  • The three layers of customization
  • Fully customizing a component
  • Device service
  • Gluon
  • The core logic
  • Platform agnosticism


Cristian Casais

  • Duration:

    4 Hours

  • Price:

    4,999 €

  • Location:

    On Premise

  • Unlimited Participants

      • For:
      • CTOs
      • Software Architects
      • Software Engineers
      • DevOps
      • System Administrators
  • “Colbenson nous convient parfaitement bien et nous sommes très satisfaits de ce projet. Nous allons travailler à développer une expérience de recherche innovante basée sur ce qui est le plus important pour le client: trouver les bons résultats dans l'interface la plus intuitive”
    Alejandro SáezHead of eCommerce and Digital Marketing at txtr
  • “We came away from the workshop not only with a better understanding of how to get the most from our website search engine, but also of the current market, trends, and innovations.”
  • “Since working with EmpathyBroker, we’ve seen increased customer engagement, loyalty, and happiness, and huge improvements in site performance, sales, and revenue.”
  • “Working with EmpathyBroker has been a joyful process. Its site search is so fast that we have to think of ways of slowing it down to move at user pace. We are very impressed with EmpathyBroker platform, innovative approach and creative thinking”
    Mike Pearceecommerce Manager at High Grove Shop.,
  • “At Meteor Electrical we believe in delivering a superior customer service for which innovation and an unwavering commitment to be the best is crucial. EmpathyBroker shares this view of exceeding our customer's needs and expectations with empathy and excellence”
    Eoin ConwayOnline Marketing Manager at Meteor Electrical
  • Search is used more and more by our clients. With a 21% increase in revenue from search driven sales since implementing EmpathySearch, the results speak for themselves.”

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