At EmpathyBroker our goal is to create innovative and industry-leading search and discovery experiences which means we are continually learning, evolving and re-inventing.

We offer a variety of personalized workshops that cover all aspects of building an irresistible digital search experience, from the design and architecture, to the features and performance insights.

We see our customers as partners in this journey, and are always keen to share our expertise, experiences and ideas. That’s why our workshops are always tailored to your needs, specifications and business requirements.

  • “EmpathyBroker´s workshop on the design of search experiences covered everything from the search engine to reporting, the user interface to the user experience, and it was not only enjoyable but inspirational. We learnt an incredible amount and look forward to taking this back to our customers as well as working alongside EmpathyBroker collaboratively in the future. We’d thoroughly recommend these workshops.”
  • “EmpathyBroker´s Search Design Workshop was insightful, inspirational and informative. We came away with the knowledge of not only how to get the most from our own website search engine but also with a better understanding of the market, trends and innovations.”
  • “EmpathyBroker’s Search Workshop opened our minds to new ideas through a deeper understanding and analysis of our own site as well as a greater awareness of industry trends and innovations. It was both informative and energetic, and we came away with renewed enthusiasm and ideas. An excellent and very worthwhile session.”

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