EmpathyBroker Academy

At EmpathyBroker our goal is to create innovative and industry-leading search and navigation solutions which means we are continually learning, evolving and re-inventing.

We see our customers as partners in this journey, and are always keen to share our expertise, experiences and ideas. That’s why we set up the EmpathyBroker Academy.

We offer training courses, webinars and workshops on specific themes, as outlined below, and, as with everything we do, we can also create personalized and tailored sessions.

Aimed at

  • CTOs, CIOs, CMOs, CPOs
  • Digital Directors
  • Ecommerce Managers
  • UX/ CX Design teams
  • eCommerce Merchandisers/ Product Owners, Content and Marketing Professionals


Angel Maldonado


Borja Santaolalla

EmpathyBroker Co-Founder
Head of Search Solutions

German Heredia

Head of Performance Analytics



Our offices / On-premise


What’s included?

Workshops, Mentoring, PDF materials, Networking

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