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What does EmpathyBroker Site Search do and what is it for?

 EmpathyBroker powers the Search & Navigation of many online stores, sites and apps, utilising the cloud. We help people find exactly what they are looking for once on site or in an App.


What makes EmpathyBroker Site Search different?

 We think of digital findability as a human challenge that needs empathy, expression and intent capture. EmpathyBroker delivers search experiences that are not only effective but joyful. Our ranking algorithms are aware of user context while being capable of adapting multiple relevant features with language independence, scalability, flexibility and efficiency at its core. 


Where can I experience EmpathyBroker Site Search?

We have over 60 references Worldwide, such as Mango, Adoreme, Hoalen, Monsoon, eSpares, Soho, Cowshed, Desigual, Lavinia, Imaginarium, Worten, Ingdirect and many more!

We add internal site search & navigation to every sector, including

Partners & OEMs

empathybroker_oem_customer_rr colbenson
plantilla-para-logos-home thecocktail

Entertainment & Parts

buyspares espares
24symbols-EmpathyBroker client Megustaleer
Worten juguetos eb client
oportunidades DiaImaginarium
a4_letsbonus_eb-client1 Mediamarkt
musicmagpie clarel

Groceries & Gifts

lavinia-EmpathyBroker client perfumes-club
interflora bodeboca
Promofarma Guía-verde

Fashion & Life style
adoreme_azul-EmpathyBroker client mango-EmpathyBroker client
Hoalen-EmpathyBroker client Hoss intropia
pepejeans1 (1) monsoon
Adolfo-Dominguez tous-eb-client
massimo-dutti Shoho-house
Desigual Grabble

resources-findability-search-joyFindability and Search Joy:

We all love Search, that one place where you can actually say something and get a response. A place to discover things, to locate, to cut through. When sending a query, one feels like they’re opening a present, wondering what lies behind.

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Most frequently used features

Synonymize ecommerce site search functionalityEqualize ecommerce site search functionalityEmpathize ecommerce site search functionalityspeak ecommerce site search functionalityBoost ecommerce site search functionalityLink ecommerce site search functionalityAlert ecommerce site search functionality



Take ownership of your indexing cycles, provide delta, field, stock, sales, prices and catalogue updates directly from your ERP, ECMS, or console via XML or JSON.


Use JavaScript or a REST API to tag all search and navigation events from Desktop, Mobile or Apps.


Deploy JavaScript or REST access to invoke any search feature, score, facet, partial, spelled, rank etc from any environment with milliseconds response time.


Plug-n-Play our ready made responsive layer for instant deployments while keeping all your analytics in control.


Access seamlessly stats of your choice (shared intent reports, referrals, CTR by average words, Findability by device, etc) from BI, Control Panels or Analytics.


Manage all EmpathyBroker tools (Empathize, Equalize, Synonymize, Boost, Link and Alert) from any environment.

We add emotive site search & navigation to every platform

WordPress                       Websphere Commerce

Visualsoft eCommerce                       VirtueMart shoping cart software

Shopify                       Prestashop

osCommerce                       Oracle atag

Netsuite                       Magento

Hibris Software                       Ebay Enterprise

and more…

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